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Executive Search

Ray Associates performs custom executive search assignments often for public clients with whom we maintain other consulting relationships related to organizational development, executive compensation, employee compensation and classification, and performance or management reviews.

With more than 30 years experience with state and local governments, our wide network of public service professionals among our clients and friends, our team is uniquely qualified to help your organization find the right individual.

We use a three-phase strategy to attract and recruit the individual most suited to the culture, needs, and objectives of the organization.

Research. The Ray Associates’ search team meets with you at the earliest opportunity to confirm your expectations for the new executive and develop a Candidate Profile. We find such a Candidate Profile to be a helpful tool to describe the type of professional that will fit the job – beyond the skills and experience that are outlined in a job description.

Recruitment, which is more than just the posting or advertising of an available position. For key positions, you must actively seek the right candidate. We will seek out to see who we currently know that might be qualified and interested in your position–as well as who they might know.

Selection. Ray Associates will take care of the screening and pre-interview process, providing your organization with the background you need to conduct informed final interviews and make your selection. We will also staff your final interviews, if desired, and assist you with assessment tools in your interview process.

Some of our successful executive search assignments have included:

  • City of Lampasas (city manager)

  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (human resources director)

  • Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (business development executive, chief operations officer)

  • San Antonio River Authority (business development executive)

  • Commission on State Emergency Communications (executive director)

  • Texas Association of Regional Councils (director level positions)

  • Rio Grande Council of Governments (executive director)

  • Middle Cities Education Association of Michigan (chief operations officer)

For more information about our executive search services, please e-mail us
or call (512) 478-4699.