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Compensation Strategies

Ray Associates, Inc. is committed to creating practical products tailored to our clients.

To attract and retain its best employees, organizations must periodically look at what the market is paying, and adjust its own pay practices accordingly. Conducting a thorough compensation study ensures that policies and procedures are in tune with the market, including pay and benefits, and will help your organization attract and retain qualified, talented employees. The result will be improved operations and employee morale, together with reduced costs associated with recruiting and training staff.

Ray Associates’ compensation strategy is practical and directed toward careful project organization and control, providing a disciplined approach with careful attention to detail. Because our products involve our clients’ and their employees’ livelihood; we carefully review all project components for accuracy and consistency before submitting our recommendations.

If any of the following factors apply to your organization, it may be time to discuss compensation strategies:

  • Your organization has struggled with employee turnover issues;

  • Your organization has struggled with employee satisfaction issues, including complaints regarding employee pay or benefits;

  • A significant portion of your workforce is approaching retirement age, forcing your organization to look at potentially recruiting and competing for many positions at once; or

  • Your organization has not reviewed its compensation system in more than five years.

For more information about our compensation study services and products,
please e-mail us or call (512) 478-4699.