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Human Resource and Executive Services

Katherine B. Ray, SPHR, helps organizations function more effectively and productively through solutions-oriented assessment and consultation. She assists government, private, and non-profit organizations with strategic advice and implementation assistance on human resource solutions.

Executive Coaching

Transforming Organizations: Creating Winning Cultures


Human Resources Advisory Services

DISC Personality Assessment Products
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Executive Coaching

Executives in the public and private sectors call on Katherine Ray for guidance to assist them in achieving their full potential. Her knowledge, experience, and ability to analyze issues from a positive, solution-oriented approach frequently leads to a request for her advice and consultation on a variety of business issues. Ms. Ray's coaching expertise extends to meeting facilitations in which she assists clients in resolving conflicts within organizations.

Transforming Organizations: Creating Winning Cultures

Our firm is skilled in preparing for and implementing whole systems change within organizations. This involves developing the compelling reasons for an organziation to want to change; identifying core values and integrating those values into the organization; identifying potentially limiting values and determining their cost to the organization; and planning for and implementing the changes necessary to take the organization from where it is today to where it desires to position itself for the future.

Katherine Ray is certified in the use of Cultural Transformation Tools through The Values Centre. Cultural transformation is accomplished much more quickly using on-line tools such as Values Assessments and Leadership Values Assessments, understanding the Seven Levels of Consciousness and the Seven Styles of Leadership, creating vision and mission statements, developing a Business Needs Scorecard, and providing the training needed to transform the organization from good to great. This results in producing a high performance organization.


A dynamic and enthusiastic speaker, Katherine Ray's focus is helping individuals, groups, and businesses identify and develop their full potential, personally and professionally. She is noted for customizing her presentations to each group and for her ability to present even the driest subject matter in an entertaining and interesting way. Ms. Ray is recognized especially for her use of DISC personality assessment tools to develop effective teams, teach conflict resolution, enhance performance management, and entertain participants in her workshops.

Examples of training workshops include:

    • Team Dynamics for All Types of Personalities
    • Conflict Resolution Dynamics
    • Customer Service
    • Leadership Training emphasizing Values-Based Leadership
    • Presenting with Style
    • Developing and Reaching Your Goals
    • Discovering the Levels of Listening
    • The Art of Verbal and Written Communication

Human Resources Advisory Services

Ray Associates provides a wide variety of human resources advisory services. Several examples of our services are listed below.

Katherine B. Ray, SPHR, helps organizations function more effectively and productively through solutions-oriented assessment and consultation. She assists government, private, and non-profit organizations with strategic advice and implementation assistance on human resource solutions.

Compensation Strategies

To attract and retain its best employees, organizations must periodically look at what the market is paying, and adjust its own pay practices accordingly. Conducting a thorough compensation study ensures that policies and procedures are in tune with the market, including pay and benefits, and will help your organization attract and retain qualified, talented employees. The result will be improved operations and employee morale, together with reduced costs associated with recruiting and training staff.

Ray Associates’ compensation strategy is practical and directed toward careful project organization and control, providing a disciplined approach with careful attention to detail. Because our products involve our clients’ and their employees’ livelihood; we carefully review all project components for accuracy and consistency before submitting our recommendations.

For more information on Compensation Strategies, click here.

Ad Hoc Services

Ray Associates' clients often need a level of expertise not available in their organization to accomplish special projects. These types of services include identifying where or what the problem is in interdepartmental conflicts; identifying the loss of productivity in a particular area and recommending solutions; resolving interpersonal conflicts; developing a Request for Proposals or Request for Qualifications for specific services; or leading a team to identify a solution to a problematic issue.

Advice on Compliance with ADA, FMLA, FLSA, and EEOC Laws and Regulations

Expert Witness Testimony on a Variety of HR Issues

Katherine Ray has provided expert witness testimony for clients on issues such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and overlap between these two laws and worker's compensation statutes; the Fair Labor Standards Act; discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, pregnancy, or age; compensation issues; or other human resources policies and practices.

Strategic Planning

Performance Assessment and Development Programs and Systems

Succession Management

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