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Public Policy and Governmental Affairs

Ray Associate’s principals and consultants have extensive experience assisting both public and private sector clients address public policy issues. This experience includes prior positions in local, state, and federal governments and private sector experience involving the contract management of governmental enterprises. (Click on “Our People” for biographical information.)

Public Policy Analysis and Strategic Positioning of Organizations

Organizational Development

Intergovernmental Relations and Government Affairs

Public Policy Analysis and Strategic Positioning of Organizations

Public and private sector clients of Ray Associates call on the firm in times of change to assist in understanding the potential impacts of new public policies and preparing the organization to address change issues.

Public Policy Analysis

Ray Associates provides a research base for organizations that expect to be impacted by changes in public policy or significant public policy decisions.

Examples of our work include: municipal annexation analysis of service requirements and fiscal impacts; identification of disaster preparedness response and recovery resources; development of strategic directions for regional organizations; review of state constitutional revision and its impacts on local governments; and identification of organizational and financial models for regional habitat conservation plans.

Strategic Positioning

Advice and counsel from Ray Associates assists clients in positioning their organization to take advantage of political and economic changes.

Examples of our work include: strategic planning for a major water utility firmís expansion into a new metropolitan market; counsel to a national engineering firm on water planning markets; positioning municipal utility districts for municipal annexation; recommendations on board Ė staff effectiveness for a multi-county workforce organization; and preparation of alternatives for merging community mental health organizations.


Clients call on Ray Associates to assist in implementing plans designed to increase effectiveness in times of change. Often following strategic research and positioning assignments, these services include preparation of implementation plans, schedules, and documents; briefings for internal and external participants; assistance in negotiations, and representation.

Examples of our work include: preparation of action plans and implementation schedules; preparation of public testimony; conduct of staff briefings and implementation assistance; public testimony; and expert witness testimony.

Organization Development

Ray Associates assists organizations facing new business environments and management changes.

Organization Studies

Ray Associatesí clients find it necessary from time to time to adjust their organizational structures in order to make the best use of human talent and to lead or respond to change. The firm assists through organization studies and recommendations. Typically, this work includes recommended structural, management, and governance changes.

Examples of our work include: management review of a statewide insurance organization; fire and police department reorganizations; executive management structure, reporting relationships, and executive compensation for a major metropolitan county; municipal organization and staffing plans; and organizational analysis and staffing plans for statewide governmental associations.

Executive Search

The conduct of searches for executive- and management-level talent is a service that Ray Associates provides to its clients. We like to work with organizations where we have an in-depth understanding of their culture, work ethics, and executive leadership. As a result, many of our executive search assignments are for clients with whom we have a multi-year, ongoing relationship.

Examples of our services include: executive search and placement services for river authorities; for a smaller community mayor in a search for a city manager; for a state parks and wildlife agency; for a regional council of governments; and for a statewide educational intergovernmental risk pool.

For more information on our Executive Searches, click here.

Intergovernmental Relations and Government Affairs

Intergovernmental Services

Faced with an intergovernmental landscape where multiple levels and types of governments are often involved in the success of major public and private ventures, Ray Associatesí clients often call on the firm to assist in working through the matrix of governmental entities whose participation is essential to a projectís success.

Examples of our services include: identification of development approvals preceding municipal annexations; identification of intergovernmental economic development programs; analysis of the impact of federal government policy changes on state and local organizations.

Government Affairs

A senior principal in Ray Associates is available to provide direct representation for clients before governmental agencies and governing bodies. This work is typically tied to ongoing consulting relationships and common values regarding public policy issues.

Examples of representation engagements include: monitoring of legislative proposals; developing legislative policies for statewide organizations; providing advocacy testimony; monitoring legislative appropriations; and monitoring state agenciesí proposed policies and actions that may impact client organizations.

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